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What's included?

Reversible NFL Flag Football jersey

1 set of flags to keep at the end of the season

8 Games

No weekend commitments


Schedule of events...

Registraton- Oct. 11 - Dec. 2

Rosters to coaches- Dec. 19ish

Practice Window- Jan. 6 - Jan. 20

Games- Jan. 20 - Feb. 13




What is the goal of Sting Flag Football (SFF)?

The goal of SFF is to get kids outside and introduce them to the game of football at a time of year when there isn't another sport in season.

My son plays Pop Warner, will SFF help or hurt him?

Having coached high school football for 18 years, I have seen the benefits of our summer passing leagues. Route-running, pursuit angles, breaking down, and simply catching the ball over and over again provided great support for what would soon take place every Fall. There is a lot more to the game of football than tackling and those things can all be worked on playing flag football.

How are the age groups split up?

The age groups are made of up 1st/2nd graders, 3rd/4th graders, 5th/6th, 7th/8th graders.

How are teams split up?

Teams are divided with the intent of making them as even as possible. With that being said, We also take in to consideration putting kids from the same school together to make the players comfortable with one another.

Are there playoffs?


When are games?

Games are scheduled on weeknights (Mon-Thurs) at the Hilmar High School Football Stadium. Start times are 5:30, 6:30, and 7:30. Each team will play 8 games in 4 weeks.
Practice weeks are Jan. 7 thru Jan. 19
Games go from Jan. 21 thru Feb. 14

How often will teams practice?

Teams will be allowed a maximum of 3 practices total during the 2 weeks prior to games starting. No practices once games start. This is the result of recommendations by the majority of parents with kids participating.

Some others things...

All divisions are coed.
All players will receive a reversible NFL jersey and a set of flag for them to keep at the end of the season
All players will play at least half of the snaps in every game
Players can play up and age group if they'd like to
8-10 players on each team
5 players play at a time with everyone being eligible to catch passes
Games consist of 2 20 minute halves with a 3 minute halftime