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1/6/2021- This is usually the week we start practicing, and well, we aren't. We are still on hold waiting for clearance to use the school fields. Until that happens, we are sort of stuck in this holding pattern. As soon as we get the "OK", gear will be ordered and teams will be notified. There are a number of people on the waitlist. You should be fine as long as we get coaches and that should happen quickly once we get some positive news. So sit tight. If nothing changes in the next couple weeks, you will probably get a similar email. Feel free to shoot an email if you have questions.

Registration is open PLEASE read the details below. There are a few changes from what we are used to.

Once an age group is full, there is nothing we can do to fit more players in.

*We need coaches for next season. Please email if you would like to coach or know someone that would.


We 110% plan on having flag football this winter. It's our 10th season and it may look a little different than in year's past, due to high school football seasons running at the same time. We will go back to games during the week in 2022, but here's the plan for the upcoming season.

1) Every team will still get 8 games. All teams will play daytime doubleheaders on 4 Saturdays in January and February. The idea is still to try and finish up before baseball gets going. We have always avoided weekends in the past; however, this year will be the exception.

2) The evaluation forms that coaches filled out at the end of last season were accidentally thrown away before they were put into the computer. We always try to keep the teams as evenly matched as possible. Now we are asking you to give us an idea as to what your child's ability is.

You will grade them with

3 -very athletic

2 -average

1 -they may be a bit behind

We are not on any social media platforms so spread the word amongst your friends.

Every attempt will be made to honor friend and coach requests, but nothing is guaranteed.

Age groups-






Oct. 20 Registration will open

Dec. 1 Registration will close

Dec. 20 Coaches get rosters

Jan. 4 - 16- Practice window

Jan. 16, 23, 30, and Feb. 6 Games (2 a day per team)

Cost- $125 per player with a $30 ( discount for siblings).

Includes- 8 games, an official reversible NFL Flag FB jersey, set of flags.

*If by chance the season gets canceled, you will be refunded your entry fee. You'll receive 100% less the $10 processing fee if the season is canceled prior to Dec.15. If it is canceled after Dec. 15, you'll receive 50% of your fee back AND you'll get your jersey and flags (Unless NFL properties will take the jerseys and equipment back. If they do, you'll get 100% less the $5 processing fee).

Feel free to email any questions you have to us at

    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.